Nature at its best in Brandenburg – vacation destination for families and groups

Your invite to relax

Close to nature: established in 1990, our terrain in located in the centre of the UNESCO biosphere reserve Schorfheide-Chorin. Situated on a lake and surrounded by woodlands, your vacation will be both relaxing and adventure filled.

We welcome groups of any size and age: families, school trips, kindergarten groups, music societies and orchestra groups. We are especially honoured to welcome back groups who have previously visited, as this reassures us that you have truly enjoyed your stay and our offers.

martas Guesthouses Groß Väter See

martas Guesthouses Groß Väter See – Simply good.

A holiday for everyone (Reisen für Alle)

Our facility has been inspected by the “Brandenburg Barrier-free” initiative.

When everyone can be here, it is normal to be different. We run our guest houses at Groß Väter See in that sense. For us, inclusion means treating everyone as equals and recognizing what every guest needs.

Nature and us

In the middle of a biosphere reserve, surrounded by nature, sustainability takes on a whole new meaning. In addition to environmental protection measures on site, such as green electricity, water-saving measures and LED lights, the topic of education is particularly important to us. Children who have seen and felt how beautiful and valuable nature is will want to protect it.

The use of regional and seasonal products is also important to us. Our drinks are fairly traded or come in returnable bottles from the region. In October 2014, we were awarded the Schorfheide-Chorin Biosphere Reserve certification mark. This means you can be sure that our food is produced in an environmentally friendly way.

You have the opportunity to get involved in climate protection on site. If you have traveled by car, you can pay 20 cents per person and offset your emissions in a moorland protection project (DE).

Taking a week off and escaping your daily routine? We understand that taking a vacation is a luxury not everyone can afford. That’s why we place particular emphasis on supporting families and individuals who worry they cannot afford such luxury.

martas :

About martas

Feeling good and doing good: From Lutherstadt Wittenberg to Berlin, Brandenburg and up to the Baltic Sea. Our name, martas, references the biblical figure Marta, who was a passionate hostess to all her guests, including Jesus. At martas, we strive to mirror Martha’s loving attention to detail and passion.

As part of the Berlin City Mission, we support their charitable projects and vouch to house those in need of a place to rest, relax and recuperate. Martas accommodation includes city hotels, countryside guesthouses, and hostels.

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